UDisks 2.7.0 released

A new upstream version of UDisks2 was released on Friday (June 2nd) — version 2.7.0. People following the recent development of UDisks2 and our recent blog posts [1] [2] should know that this is a big version bump which can only mean one thing: the pull request changing UDisks to use libblockdev where possible was merged! Which is almost 100 commits with changes.

UDisks 2.7.0 is the first release built on top of libblockdev. The pros and cons of this change were discussed in a recent blog post, but one thing is quite clear — this is the biggest change in the development of UDisks since the transition from UDisks to UDisks2. Although our CI doesn’t report any regressions it would be a miracle if there really were none including all the corner cases. So please show the world your bravery and give UDisks 2.7.0 a try! It is now available for Fedora Rawhide and hopefully package maintainers from other distributions will make it available in other distributions soon too. It requires packaging libblockdev which may mean some extra work, but definitely nothing impossible. Ask the udisks2 package maintainer of your distribution of choice for the latest and greatest version!

Fedora and RHEL/CentOS 7 trailblazers, don’t hesitate to enable our new Copr repository update the udisks2 package and join us testing and searching for regressions!

[1] https://storageapis.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/storaged-merged-with-udisks-new-releases-2-6-4-and-2-6-5/
[2] https://storageapis.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/udisks-to-build-on-libblockdev/



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