UDisks provides multiple tools and libraries for storage configuration and manipulation:

  • udisksd
    • Daemon providing DBus API for storage configuration and monitoring.
    • UDisks DBus API is used for example by Cockpit for storage configuration or by Anaconda for ISCSI devices manipulation.
  • libudisks
    • A wrapper around UDisks DBus API allowing to use UDisks functionality directly from C or Python.
    • libudisks is used for example by GNOME Disks.
  • udiskctl
    • A command line tool for storage manipulation. Allows for example (un)mounting of filesystems, (un)locking of encrypted devices, monitoring of storage events etc.

UDisks has a modular architecture and provides modules for working with some “advanced” storage technologies like LVM, Btrfs, ISCSI, zRAM or Bcache.

gnome-disksGNOME Disks, a graphical application for storage management